How to set up your Tax Exempt account

  Please follow these instructions. If questions arise, email before placing your order.   FIRST-TIME Tax Exempt CustomersComplete these steps before placing your order: CREATE AN ACCOUNT or LOG IN to your existing account. Proceed to your MY ACCOUNT page and open the TAX CERTIFICATES section. Click the ADD EXEMPTION button and follow the prompts to complete the online tax exemption form: Complete the online form: Completing the online tax exemption form is the quickest way to qualify for your tax exemption. Your tax exempt status will be validated within a few minutes of completion of the form. An approved certificate will appear in the TAX CERTIFICATES section of your MY ACCOUNT page, and you will be able to proceed with your tax exempt order. OR upload a PDF: Within the online form is an option to upload your existing certificate ("Import your copy of this document”) .  When using this option, a manual validation process must take place before you are able to make a tax exempt purchase. Your upload will be validated by the following business day and an email notification will be issued once the validation process has been completed. Please do not proceed with your purchase until you receive the approval notification. Once your certificate has been validated, it will appear in the TAX CERTIFICATES section of your MY ACCOUNT page, and you may proceed with your tax exempt order. Orders shipping to CO, CT, IL and MD must...

TAX EXEMPT: How Do I Place an Order for a Tax Exempt Organization?

Below are the States for which we collect sales tax. If your "ship to" address is in one of these States, follow these instructions to set up your tax exempt account on our website prior to placing your order. If questoins arise, email

  • 阿肯色州
  • 科罗拉多州
  • 康涅狄格
  • 乔治亚州
  • 伊利诺斯州
  • 印第安纳州
  • 爱荷华州
  • 堪萨斯
  • 肯塔基州
  • 马里兰
  • 密歇根
  • 明尼苏达州
  • 内布拉斯加州
  • 内华达
  • 新泽西
  • 北卡罗莱纳
  • 北达科他
  • 俄亥俄州
  • 俄克拉何马州
  • 罗德岛州
  • 南达科塔州
  • 犹他州
  • 佛蒙特州
  • 华盛顿
  • 西维吉尼亚州
  • 威斯康辛州
  • 怀俄明

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